Tom Howard

Tom Howard is a science fiction and fantasy short story writer from Little Rock, Arkansas.  With over two dozen stories sold in the last couple years, he thanks the Central Arkansas Speculative Fiction Writers’ Group for their support and wordsmithing.

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Works Published By Dark Futures
Isolation Run, September 2013

Mike Jansen

Mike has published flash fiction, short stories and longer work in various anthologies and magazines in the Netherlands and Belgium, including Cerberus, Manifesto Bravado, Wonderwaan, Ator Mondis and Babel-SF and Verschijnsel anthologies such as Ragnarok and Zwarte Zielen (Black Souls).

He lives in the Netherlands, in Hilversum, near Amsterdam. He has won awards for best new author and best author in the King Kong Award in 1991 and 1992 respectively as well as an honorable mention for a submission to the Australian Altair Magazine launch competition in 1998. In 2012 Mike won awards in the SaBi Thor story contest, the Literary Prize for the Baarn Cultural Festival and the prestigious Fantastels award for best short story.

More recent publications in various English language ezines and anthologies, among which several publications with, Encounters Magazine and others.

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Works Published By Dark Futures
Cold Portents, September 2013

Matthew X. Gomez

Matthew X. Gomez writes fantasy and horror predominantly, with a splash of sci-fi. He is a Team Member at His short fiction has been published in the anthologies MIDNIGHT ABYSS and PERIPHERAL DISTORTIONS as well as the forthcoming Dark Futures Annual 1, and he’s written game fiction for OmegaZone, a post-apocalyptic expansion for FATE. He can found on his website at or on twitter at @mxgomez78.

Works Published By Dark Futures
Urban Jackal, September 2013, reprinted February 2014

Burned Lands
Scavenger Dogs (Episode 1), March 2014
Scavenger Dogs (Episode 2), April 2014
Scavenger Dogs (Episode 3), May 2014
Bonepicker (Episode 1), June 2014
Bonepicker (Episode 2), July 2014
Bonepicker (Episode 3), August 2014
Blackgrave (Episode 1), September 2014
Blackgrave (Episode 2), October 2014
Blackgrave (Episode 3), November 2014
Nails (Episode 1), December 2014
Nails (Episode 2), January 2015
Nails (Episode 3), February 2015