Latashia Figueroa

Latashia Figueroa read her first horror novel in 7th grade: Pet Cemetery by Stephen King and never looked back. Her bookshelves now house novels by Dean Koontz, Ted Dekker, Frank Peretti, Anne Rice and of course Stephen King.

The characters she creates are always on that thin line of shadow and light, sanity and lunacy. And although her stories may be disturbing, she assures she is not(although her husband disagrees). Her works have also been featured on Latashia Figueroa’s novel, The Prophet of Ivy Hill, will be released 2014. Visit Latashia’s blog at

Works Published By Dark Futures
Out For A Hunt, November 2013

Adam Gaylord

Adam Gaylord lives with his beautiful wife and less beautiful dog in Vancouver, WA. When not at work as a biologist he’s usually hiking, drinking craft beer, drawing comics, writing short stories, or some combination thereof. Check out his stuff at

Works Published By Dark Futures
Lightning Flashed, November 2013