Anna L. Davis NaNoWriMo Interview

First of all, tell us a little about yourself.

I tried for a long time to be a mostly normal woman, before finally accepting that I’m not, and will never be, what society deems normal. On the surface, my life appears typical. I’m married with two kids, and I spend a lot of time in carpool lanes. However, there’s a part of me that’s always writing, usually something twisted and based in future tech. I’d rather watch The Terminator than go to the mall. I love coffee and despise laundry. Sometimes I spill coffee on my clothes and I’m forced to do more laundry—a cruel twist of fate, in my opinion.

How many times have you attempted NaNoWriMo? Have you succeeded in the past?

This is my third year to participate, but the first year I’m going to attempt all 50k words. The first two years I used the positive energy of NaNo to build momentum and meet my own word count goals for the Enhancement Series. This year I’m starting a new series that’s captured my thoughts to the extent that I need to get it down on paper. Ever feel that way? Like the story MUST come out? That’s where I’m at right now.

What can you tell us about your current work in progress for this year’s NaNoWriMo?

This WIP is different for me in that, unlike OPEN SOURCE and the other books in the Enhancement Series, it’s not straight sci-fi. In theory, it’s a coffeeshop mystery with a sci-fi element. My main character is Hazel Monroe, a barista by day and a covert analytical coffee chemist by night, who’s trying to create a form of modified coffee that helps people see the good in their lives. I’m thinking of it like a cross between Breaking Bad, the Matrix, and Friends. So yeah, I have to get it written or I’m just going to die. NaNoWriMo to the rescue.

How are you keeping yourself focused and on track for NaNoWriMo? What advice would you offer to someone else who wanted to attempt it?

I printed out a November calendar and posted it near my computer, just for keeping track of word count. Every night before bed I review what I wrote that day, so my subconscious mind can continue to write while I sleep. I listen to lots of loud music and go where the muse tells me to go. My advice? Let your life be unbalanced for a while. Creative work demands it, especially during a focused season like NaNoWriMo. But don’t forget to buy groceries. Also, get some rest.

If our readers wanted to follow you and your work, what would be the best way to do that?

My Facebook page is a good way to find me. I’m also very active on Twitter —it’s my favorite way to “meet” people with similar interests. Sometimes I get caught up in a hashtag storm (#OpenSource, #cybersecurity, #IoT, #Singularity, #AI, #cyber, #scifi, #cyberpunk, and oh yeah…#coffee #amwriting).

For a taste of my random musings (including my award-winning sci-fi short story “Upgrade” that started the Enhancement Series), drop by my website:

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Look for my debut novel OPEN SOURCE, releasing this January. It’s about a struggling, technophobic reporter named Ryker Morris in a future Dallas culture of hackable brain implants, sexy chipped socialites and violent cyborgs. OPEN SOURCE is the first book in my Enhancement Series (available for preorder:

A big thank you to David Stegora and Dark Futures for having me here. And best of luck to all my fellow NaNoWriMo warriors.

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4 thoughts on “Anna L. Davis NaNoWriMo Interview

  1. “Sometimes I spill coffee on my clothes and I’m forced to do more laundry—a cruel twist of fate, in my opinion.”

    Anna, you should have included the photo of you lying face down on piles of laundry from your Facebook pages. It would have “enhanced” the interview.

  2. Can’t wait for OPEN SOURCE! I’ve already preordered. I’m curious about how many words you’re hitting per day on a new book. I’ve participated in NaNo once before, and had my own goal (not 50K) but didn’t even make that one. This is the first time I’m trying to hit the 50K goal as well. If behind, do you try to catch up the next day? And do you go back and reread what you wrote the day before? I get caught up editing…

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