Announcing Something In The Machine Horror Anthology

We are pleased to announce a new horror anthology from Dark Futures.

TITLE: Something In The Machine: An Anthology Of Technological Horror

THEME: Horror stories dealing with some form of technology or machinery. This can range from ghost trains to possessed cars to haunted space ship computers and anything in between.

We’re not looking for stories about fear of change or advancement, or anything too strongly suggesting the technology or science is evil. We prefer stories where the technology in question is ordinary or commonplace to the characters but something is different or goes wrong.

COMPENSATION: $5 (paid via PayPal), an electronic copy of the anthology, and a code to buy copies of the anthology from Create Space at a deep discount (when available).

LENGTH: Stories under 10k words preferred. Flash fiction is acceptable, though will only be accepted if multiple flash submissions are good enough to make the cut. They would then be used to separate the longer stories.

RIGHTS: For original stories, we take first rights and exclusivity for six months from the publication date. Reprints will be considered, though they we will likely be more harsh in selecting them so the anthology is not filled by them.

DEADLINE: July 31st, 2015

Send all submissions to machine (at) Include your name, the title of your story, and approximate word count in the subject line.

3 thoughts on “Announcing Something In The Machine Horror Anthology

    • As long as it meets the basic requirement, it’s welcome. I have personally advertised this anthology to steampunk writers on Facebook. I think there’s a lot of potential there. -David

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