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November 14th through November 20th, you can get free shipping on any order of two or more items from the Dark Futures Spreadshirt shop. All you have to do is use the coupon code 2GIFT during checkout.

The shop has been quietly operating for some time now and has shirts and mugs in a variety of colors and designs. If you’ve never checked it out before, you can find it here.

For those looking to help spread the word, you can find a Facebook event we created for this promotion right here.

Get Phase 2 Magazine Issue 2 For Free!

Starting tomorrow (Wednesday, 08/31/2016) and running through Friday (09/02/2016), Phase 2 Magazine Issue 2 will be free on Amazon.

You may remember the cover of this issue was nominated for Best Magazine Cover in this year’s Preditors & Editors Readers’ Poll, where it finished in 5th place, and has been a fan favorite since it was first revealed. As always, the cover art was done by Jason Miller.

You can find this issue on the US Kindle store here.

Cover - Web Friendly

Star Trek Alumni Dead has reported the death of actor Barry Jenner, known to science fiction fans Admiral William Ross of Star Trek Deep Space Nine. He played the role in a total of 12 episodes across the sixth and seventh seasons of the show, as well as providing his voice in the video game Star Trek Deep Space Nine Dominion Wars.

Jenner was 75 years old at the time of his death. He had a long acting career, which you can learn more about from his IMDB page.

Challenge Winners!

This has been a long time coming, but today I am pleased to be able to announce the winners of our two most recent writing challenges.

First, the winner of the Last Words writing challenge, which was judged by Jason Kucharik was The Zoo by Mattew Staggs.

Next, the winner of the After Humanity writing challenge, which was judged by Mattew X. Gomez was Excision by B. R. Turnage.

Congratulations to our winners. Both of these stories will be appearing on the Dark Futures website in the near future as well as in issue 6 of Phase 2 Magazine, coming soon.

After Humanity Writing Challenge – Entries Reopened!

Due to limited response to the challenge within the initial entry window, we have chosen to reopen entries for our After Humanity writing challenge with guest judge Matthew X. Gomez.

In case you’ve forgotten the original post, here are the details:

For this writing challenge, our guest judge is going to be Matthew X. Gomez, author of the Burned Lands series we published on the Dark Futures website in 2014 and the story A Brief Flash In Darkness in the most recent issue of Phase 2 Magazine. As is our custom, the guest judge has chosen the theme for this challenge. Here it is, in his words:

The Earth is projected to be around for another seven and a half billion years. Barring outside influences (or humanity really mucking the place up), life is expected to continue on earth for another four and a half billion years.

Humanity has only been on the scene for about 200,000 years.

It isn’t outside the bounds of possibility that, should humanity become extinct, some other race will evolve intelligence. What will that look like? Will humanity’s successors be iterations of machines we’ve created? Will insects develop a more advanced hive mind than they possess now? Will sentient slime mold take over and wage a war of extermination on all species possessing a central nervous system?

For this contest, we are looking for compelling stories more than anything. The stories should contain a non-human element and feature that strongly.

The winner of this challenge will receive $10 (paid via PayPal) and have their story published both in the next issue of Phase 2 Magazine and on the Dark Futures website.

Stories should be under 5,000 words, with between 2,000 and 5,000 words preferred by the judge. The new deadline is May 31st.

Phase 2 Magazine #5 Out Now!

Cover - Web FriendlyPhase 2 Magazine #5 is now available on Amazon. Get it here.

This issue contains over 11,000 words from the dark and cynical side of science fiction, including the third and final episode of Roy C. Booth’s Biomorph series. It is also currently the only place to find details on our next writing challenge.

Revelation Day by David Castlewitz
These Two Hands by Marc E. Fitch
A Brief Flash In Darkness by Matthew X. Gomez
Biomorph, Part Three by Roy C. Booth
…and two book reviews by Ty Black

Amazon Link:

Big News

For those of you who are not familiar with the Preditors & Editors Readers’ Poll, it’s an annual poll where people vote across many categories for some of their favorite releases from the past year and the people who made them happen. This year is the 18th annual of this poll, and the first time Dark Futures has been nominated in any way. The categories where we appear (and links to where you can vote for that category) are:

Fiction Magazine/e-zines for Phase 2 Magazine.
Magazine/e-zine Cover Art for the cover of Phase 2 Magazine Issue 2.
Magazine/e-zine Editors for our Editor-In-Chief, David Stegora.
Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Stories for The Despot of Space Station 37-G by Roy C. Booth, which appeared in the first issue of Phase 2 Magazine. You will also find Roy nominated in several other categories.
And not directly related to Dark Futures is Writers’ Discussion Forum where you will find a Facebook group called Cyberpunk Writers nominated. Cyberpunk Writers is was founded and is still moderated by our Editor-In-Chief, David Stegora and several past contributors to Phase 2 Magazine are members.

If you could take the time to give us your vote in any or all of these categories, it would be appreciated. Voting closes on Thursday, so there’s not much time.

Finally, in celebration of the above mentioned nominations, we have made the first issue of Phase 2 Magazine free until the end of the poll.