Phase 2 Magazine Omnibus I Cover Reveal

Today we are proud to reveal to you the cover for Phase 2 Magazine Omnibus I. The art, as always, was done by Jason Miller and concludes the visual narrative of the first four issues.

Phase 2 Magazine Omnibus I will include all the stories from the first four issues of Phase 2 Magazine, as well as a little extra. It will be available first as an ebook, then later in print. A firm release date has yet to be determined, but it should be well before the end of the year.

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Get Phase 2 Magazine Issue 2 For Free!

Starting tomorrow (Wednesday, 08/31/2016) and running through Friday (09/02/2016), Phase 2 Magazine Issue 2 will be free on Amazon.

You may remember the cover of this issue was nominated for Best Magazine Cover in this year’s Preditors & Editors Readers’ Poll, where it finished in 5th place, and has been a fan favorite since it was first revealed. As always, the cover art was done by Jason Miller.

You can find this issue on the US Kindle store here.

Cover - Web Friendly

Phase 2 Magazine #5 Out Now!

Cover - Web FriendlyPhase 2 Magazine #5 is now available on Amazon. Get it here.

This issue contains over 11,000 words from the dark and cynical side of science fiction, including the third and final episode of Roy C. Booth’s Biomorph series. It is also currently the only place to find details on our next writing challenge.

Revelation Day by David Castlewitz
These Two Hands by Marc E. Fitch
A Brief Flash In Darkness by Matthew X. Gomez
Biomorph, Part Three by Roy C. Booth
…and two book reviews by Ty Black

Amazon Link:

Big News

For those of you who are not familiar with the Preditors & Editors Readers’ Poll, it’s an annual poll where people vote across many categories for some of their favorite releases from the past year and the people who made them happen. This year is the 18th annual of this poll, and the first time Dark Futures has been nominated in any way. The categories where we appear (and links to where you can vote for that category) are:

Fiction Magazine/e-zines for Phase 2 Magazine.
Magazine/e-zine Cover Art for the cover of Phase 2 Magazine Issue 2.
Magazine/e-zine Editors for our Editor-In-Chief, David Stegora.
Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Stories for The Despot of Space Station 37-G by Roy C. Booth, which appeared in the first issue of Phase 2 Magazine. You will also find Roy nominated in several other categories.
And not directly related to Dark Futures is Writers’ Discussion Forum where you will find a Facebook group called Cyberpunk Writers nominated. Cyberpunk Writers is was founded and is still moderated by our Editor-In-Chief, David Stegora and several past contributors to Phase 2 Magazine are members.

If you could take the time to give us your vote in any or all of these categories, it would be appreciated. Voting closes on Thursday, so there’s not much time.

Finally, in celebration of the above mentioned nominations, we have made the first issue of Phase 2 Magazine free until the end of the poll.

Phase 2 #1 Content Announcement

We’re in the home stretch for the first issue of Phase 2 magazine now. Final edits and formatting are all that remain. There will be an option to pre-order on Amazon for a few days before release. It should be up soon and we’ll be sure to announce that here as soon as it’s live. If you do reviews for a website or zine and would like an early copy for review, email editor(at)

Now that contracts have been agreed to and payments made, we are happy to be able to announce the stories which will be included in our first issue. In no particular order, they are:

The Despot of Space Station 37-G by Roy C. Booth
Not With A Bang by Kaylea Champion
The Enlightenment Center by Madelyn Falk
Viral Video by Adam Gaylord
Like A Butterfly by Brittni MacKenzie-Dale
Closed Circuit by Chris Griglack

In this issue, there is solid representation from traditional sci-fi, dystopia, post apocalyptic, and even a hint of cyberpunk. We’re proud of what we will be releasing and believe you will enjoy reading it.

We will also be announcing our next writing challenge in this issue. This challenge has a theme chosen by Adam Gaylord, who will also act as a guest judge.

You may remember back on January 14th, we revealed the cover of our first issue. We’re very excited about it, so if you haven’t seen it you should check it out.

Phase 2 #1 Cover Reveal

Today we have something exciting for you — the official reveal of the cover for the first issue of Phase 2 magazine! The art was done by Jason Miller, who also did the cover for our first anthology. It’s a bit of a tribute to the late Wayne Static and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Let us know what you think in the comments or on one of our social media accounts.

Cover - Web Friendly