Challenge: British Countryside

It has been too long since we’ve had a writing challenge. Let’s fix that.

Back when we were running an Indiegogo campaign for Dark Futures Annual 1, we offered to let people sponsor a contest. Two contributors took us up on that and it’s finally time to get to it. Our first writing challenge is sponsored by Layla Cummins. She picked the theme and she will also be a guest judge for this challenge. That theme, summarized, is British Countryside. Here’s what she had to say about it, to give you an idea of what she’s looking for:

Ok, as I’ve lived in a big city in the UK since the year dot, I was interested to see how other writer’s might envision the British countryside and weave a dark and disturbing tale from it. Villages, hamlets, solitary houses miles away from civilization, large no-internet hotspots and constant darkness after 4pm in the winter because there are no streetlamps.

I hope that gets the mind going for all of our potential entrants. The deadline for this challenge is November 1st. We’ll extend it, if absolutely necessary, but do not count on that happening. The maximum word count for entries is 2,500 words. There is no lower limit as long as you tell a complete story. The winner will receive $15 via PayPal and their story will be published here on the Dark Futures site. Send all entries to

About Layla Cummins
Layla Cummins is a reader for Grimdark Magazine and was a recent finalist in the Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award. Her short stories have appeared in 100 Doors to Madness, The Saturday Evening Post and upcoming horror anthology Bugs: Tales That Slither, Creep and Crawl. She lives with her family and three untamed cats in Bristol, England. Find her on Twitter @laylacummins.

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