Delta Sector Prompt 1

Within the Delta Sector, there are several separate star systems. This month’s prompt is to describe one such system. What is the name most commonly used for the system? What color is the star? Is it a binary system? How many planets are there? How many moons do they have? Are there any notable comets, debris belts, or artificial satellites?

You can be as detailed or as vague as you like. You may name each planet and their continents, or simply describe the type of planets. This does not have to be a scientifically accurate system (though those are welcome), only something which can maintain verisimilitude within a soft speculative setting.

Your submission based on this prompt may be sent to submissions (at) darkfuturesfiction (dot) net. Be sure DELTA SECTOR is included in the subject line. You may also post your submission to the Facebook group or subreddit.

Please be aware if you submit anything by email, to the Facebook group, or to the subreddit, you are granting permission for it to be used, published, and distributed by Dark Futures Literature LLC as part of the Delta Sector Project or anything related to it. You will be given appropriate credit for any such submission which is used by the project. Also be aware anything you submit which is accepted may later be modified or expanded upon by other participants in the project.

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