Review of Falcon’s Egg

Review By Ty Black

When the generation ship Mayflower II arrived in the Peregrine system ten years ago, it was nearly the end of tens of thousands of lives aboard the ship, and tens of millions on the planet below. Lorn Kymbal was only a teenager then, but he nearly died saving the man who was the best hope of both ship and planet. Now he nearly gets blown up after a reclusive acquaintance of his mother gives him an unlabeled netlink device, and Lorn finds himself caught up in another mystery where the fate of his world might hang in the balance. This time, it’s Lorn who is Peregrine’s best hope.

Falcon’s Egg by Edward Willet is space opera/action-adventure novel in the grand tradition, full of interplanetary intrigue, chases through the abandoned bowels of giant spaceships, and shootouts with everything from shotgun shells to beam weapons. Oh, and there’s an army of evil robot spiders. This book is a fun, easy read, and I got through it in two nights.

Falcon’s Egg is the sequel to Willet’s first title with Bundoran Press, Right to Know, but unlike a lot of sci-fi sequels Falcon’s Egg doesn’t depend heavily on the preceding book. Readers should be able to pick this one up and not feel like they’re missing something, even if they didn’t read Right to Know. (That said, I’ve read both, and Right to Know is also definitely worth a look.)

Canadian author Edward Willet has written 50-odd books in a number of genres, including Lost in Translation, Terra Insegura, and 2009 Prix Aurora Award-winner Marseguro, all from DAW. Under the pen name E.C. Blake he’s written the The Masks of Aygrima series, also published by DAW. He’s also an award-winning author of non-fiction on topics from Ebola to the mutiny on the Bounty, and a regionally-known playwright/actor/director in Western Canada.

Falcon’s Egg is escapism at its best, and I give it four out of five stars.

Falcon’s Egg
210 pp. Bundoran. $17.95 CAD
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