How Casinos Offer A Viable Setting For Modern Storytelling

By Curtis Collins


Casinos are fascinating establishments that are portals to different kinds of emotions and people. For better or worse, almost everyone who goes in comes out a changed man or woman with a definite story to tell. These are just some of the reasons why casinos offer suitable settings for an array of stories – spanning across fiction to non-fiction.

In Nevada, casinos are rather ubiquitous. As a matter of fact, reveals the state has 337 casinos in total that have more than 200,000 gaming machines and over 7000 table games. People see it everywhere, especially in Las Vegas where blinding lights and ear-piercing sounds are essentially part of everyday life.

On the other side of the coin, casinos have penetrated the realms of the worldwide web with various online companies featuring different motifs to attract new-age players. Gala Casino, a popular UK-based gaming platform, has themes such as leprechauns, explorers, and magicians, which – ironically – are also some of the central characters in a variety of classic tales.

In hindsight, casinos have been around the top milieus of many literary works of art. This is a simple testament of the cultural phenomenon of a city such as Las Vegas, as well as the people who contribute to the overall allure of it. These casino stories range from a typical love story to a visually stimulating alien invasion. However, the challenge still lies in the separation of fact from fiction.

The likes of Hunter S. Thompson, Robert Nathan, and Mario Puzo have used casinos as the main backdrops of their stories. Their respective works opened the eyes of viewers and readers to a different side of literature, one that offers a distinct take on the cookie-cutter protagonists and the evil antagonists. Though these characters feature the usual detectives and mobsters, they still epitomize fantastic storytelling that molds people’s view and interpretation of casinos.

The world of casinos goes through the ever-changing chronicles of modern evolution. Amidst the neon signs, in the middle of gaming machines, and surrounded by over-flowing enthusiasm, these establishments offer the potential to come up with compelling stories that define the boundaries of fact and fiction.