The Orville Gets A Premiere Date

The Orville, the new Seth MacFarlane sci-fi comedy series on Fox has finally gotten a premiere date. The first episode with be airing on Sunday, September 10th. 

The first trailer for the series, included below, was released back in May. The Star Trek influence is hard to miss and some have even said The Orville looks more like a Star Trek series than Star Trek Discovery. Some of the main cast are even Star Trek alumni. Seth MacFarlane himself appeared as a minor but named character on two episodes of Star Trek Enterprise and Penny Johnson Jerald played Kasidy Yates on Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

First Look At New Star Trek Captain

Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly revealed our first look at Star Trek Discovery’s main captain. The character’s name is Gabriel Lorca and is played by Jason Isaacs. It’s worth noting various sources have stated the captain will not be the central character in this Star Trek series.

What’s your first impression of Gabriel Lorca?
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Star Trek Alumni Dead has reported the death of actor Barry Jenner, known to science fiction fans Admiral William Ross of Star Trek Deep Space Nine. He played the role in a total of 12 episodes across the sixth and seventh seasons of the show, as well as providing his voice in the video game Star Trek Deep Space Nine Dominion Wars.

Jenner was 75 years old at the time of his death. He had a long acting career, which you can learn more about from his IMDB page.