The Delta Sector Project

Throughout the explored galaxy and, it is theorized, beyond there are ley lines of pure, invisible energy. All known, sufficiently advanced species have learned how to build vessels which allow them to use these ley lines for superluminal transport. The energy of the ley lines flows in a specific direction but many of these species have developed means of using them to travel either way (though traveling downline is significantly faster) and have even built a loose galactic community.

Traveling via a ley line, or more specifically exiting in the correct place, requires complicated calculations. Many have mastered this and most use computers to make the calculations for them. Even so, miscalculations can be made and accidents can occur. In these cases, the travelers often arrive in the wrong place or are never heard from again, most likely having emerged into a solid mass or star. Some, however, are shot all the way to the to a place in the galactic northwest where all ley lines come together and open to space. This area is called the Delta Sector and is named after river deltas, where sediment and debris are deposited at the mouth of a river.

From the Delta Sector, it is nearly impossible to reenter a ley line and so nearly anyone or anything which arrives there remains there forever. Vessels from all known species and places have found their way to the Delta Sector, along with those from previously unknown species beyond explored space and more.

What, exactly, is found in the Delta Sector? You’re going to tell us. The Delta Sector Project is to be an exercise in collaborative world building and storytelling within a shared universe, sponsored and curated by Dark Futures.

The first Sunday writing prompt of each month will be for the Delta Sector Project. We’ve also created a Facebook group and subreddit for discussion of this project, so it is possible to contribute in ways outside of the monthly prompts. Other Delta Sector pitches may be sent to submissions (at) darkfuturesfiction (dot) net, with DELTA SECTOR included in the subject line.

Once the Delta Sector begins to take shape, all information on it will be gathered in a central location, possibly in a wiki.

Please be aware if you submit anything by email, to the Facebook group, or to the subreddit, you are granting permission for it to be used, published, and distributed by Dark Futures Literature LLC as part of the Delta Sector Project or anything related to. You will be given appropriate credit for such submission which is used by the project.

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