Writing Challenge: Addiction

We are pleased to announce the newest Dark Futures/Phase 2 writing challenge.

The guest judge for this challenge Markus Der Romero. He chose the theme and described it as so:

The contest’s theme concentrates on addiction in a sci-fi/cyberpunk setting. The story must focus on the addictive relationship between individual and tech. The writer can freely choose whichever kind of obsession will be present on the short story (Virtual Reality, Net Voyeurism, Biomech augmentations, digital drugs, a craze for a new device ect…) but must focus on the relation between man and machine and the struggle to get spaced out or to keep their devices operative. 

Submissions should be 3000 words or less. Send them to submissions (at) DarkFuturesFiction (dot) net and include the word ADDICTION in the subject line (if you don’t, there’s a good chance your entry will be missed). The prize is $10 via PayPal and your story will be published on the Dark Futures website as well as in the next issue of Phase 2. The deadline is June 13th.

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