Writing Challenge: Last Words

For this challenge, our guest judge will be Jason Kucharik, author of V.O.K. As always, the theme and prompt for this challenge was chosen by our judge and he describes it like this:

We see a lot of sci-fi centered around first contact, so I thought I would be cool to see some stories centered around pretty much the opposite. A captain’s last words before leading his men into an unwinnable but necessary battle against aliens attacking earth, a scientist’s last words before testing interdimesional travel only to not make it back, stuff like that. Maybe it’ll inspire people a little as well, because I feel like personally, that’s a pretty big hurdle to get over as a writer, killing a character you’ve spent so much time creating.

The winner of this writing challenge will receive $10 (paid via PayPal) and their story will be published in the January issue of Phase 2 magazine, as well as on the Dark Futures website.

You may notice this will not be appearing in the next issue. This decision was made to give people more time as we enter what seems to be a busier part of the year. Some of it may be from schools getting back in session, some from holidays, but our experience in the past is we have fewer entries to writing challenges held in the latter half of the year.

The deadline for the challenge is Saturday, December 12th. Stories under 3,000 words are preferred but longer entries will be considered. Entries should be sent to Submissions(at)DarkFuturesFiction.net and include LAST WORDS in the subject line. Entries failing to do so may not be noticed before the deadline. If you have any questions, just e-mail them to Editor(at)DarkFuturesFiction.net and we will respond as soon as we can.

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